Looking Ahead at The Marketing Technology Landscape

Looking Ahead at The Marketing Technology Landscape

If you're the only one saying how awesome your product is, you don't need to yell louder. The marketing technology landscape has changed

Last night on Facebook, Robert Scoble asked if people thought that company reps and fans were cluttering up the marketing technology landscape with too many people saying the same thing.

I said the problem was not consumers, it was the company stuck in the paradigm that they had to be talking about their new products.

I’ve been saying:

If you’re the only one saying how awesome your product is, you don’t need to yell louder. tweet this

It’s a topic I’ve been YELLING about (irony is not lost on me) since we wrote Twitter Revolution.

We recognized that we were leaving the anomaly of the 20th century, the mass media one way blasts, and were having two way conversations. I’ve been saying how we spent the last hundred years getting good at pushing out a message, and that now we needed this Century to teach (or have die off) all the people who assume LOUDER is better.

Since then, I’ve learned that dialog is just one step.

OLD MARKETING  = One Way Blast from the Center


SUCCESS = Two customers talking to each other.

Your Job is Help Customers Talk to Each Other

Its Word of Mouth and Social Graph and the move to LISTENING put together with a huge amount of data.  Working toward knowing the needs of influencers and ALL to anticipate their needs and see that it’s available WHEN THEY ASK FOR IT.

We used to craft marketing messages and announcements. MOST marketers think that’s what social media does: just another media (they are the ones going away over the next 100 years :).

The marketing technology landscape has evolved. The business of the future will have smart relationships, use all the data they can mine, wisdom and insight to design better products and then let the market find them.

Marketing is Seduction

Like any seduction, marketing that looks like marketing is third rate marketing. We don’t chase the one who is chasing us. The ART of this is knowing that people are anxious for your new products, your excellent service and your fresh ideas. More important, they are dying to tell their friends that they found the newest thing.. not parrot what we tell them.

“Likeonomics” and Other Trends for 2011

The world is coming to us all in real time now.. We still value great content, a thoughtful post, an entertaining video or a quiet conversation with friends.. but we get so much none stop 24/7 content, the value of curating and quick help is accelerating

This is one of the 15 trends. Watch the slide show here for more:

Google Add Their LIKE Button.. the +1

Likeonomics is the trend to watch. People want to share, and they want to do it quickly.

Google moves towards instant mini-recommendations with the +1 button

Are you letting your readers and customers share easily?

And please click the LIKE button


The Future of Media is Here

Chris Brogan created a new media post about the future of media using video, text, and social media connections to get a story started and expanded with conversation.

From a tweet, I read the blog, decided to comment, hope to add some thoughts and continue that conversation.

Chris Brogan on the future of media

With the tools we currently call social media we can have micro conversations, two way exchanges and even media independent connections. I can see a person on Facebook, give them a shout on Twitter and pick up the phone if I miss them on a Skype chat. The meaning has gone beyond the channels used.

One sign that this is evolving is forgetting which medium we used. I bumped into a joint venture partner at an event last week, while there, we had a meal together and exchanged several SMS messages. I checked in using Foursquare and told a mutual friend about it on Facebook. When I later sat down to email him, I had to think of which medium we talk on (it was LinkedIn last week Smile)

Sounds like a bit of hassle. It can be frustrating, but profitable.

Using the connections and tools our partners, prospects and customers prefer get the best response. In the future, we’ll have better tools to sort it out. However, I think the real breakthrough has occurred. We can do it now.

Reply with your comments here. Or tweet me that you comment on the Facebook version of Chris’s post. Make a Youtube response if you wish.

Regardless of the media or channel… get into the conversations. (maybe not this conversation about conversations.. but there are many that will be profitable).

People are talking. It’s here if you listen.

Listen and love (respond as you would to a friend).. it’s as simple as that.

Google Catching Up in Social Media

We all know the data is out there.. Google indexes it and helps us find it.

We also know that data is never as meaningful as a recommendation from a friend. That’s why social media is so popular… it’s people talking to people about stuff

Social Search if Profitable Social Media

The old methods and metrics still hold. It’s great to have more friends, more web mentions, more connections and more traffic.

We are all still learning how to measure the engagement value… is a conversation worth more than an ad?

I can’t prove it with numbers yet.. but you know. Talking to a friend is better than reading an ad.

Twitter Author to Speak at CES 2011 Social Media Event in Las Vegas

Warren WhitlockLAS VEGAS: Warren Whitlock, author of Twitter Revolution: How Social Media and Mobile Marketing is Changing the Way We Do Business & Market Online will speak during the Social Media is Action session of the Consumer Electronics Show, January 7th, 2011.

“The social media revolution in business and marketing has just begun.” Said Marketing Strategist Warren Whitlock. “We have seen large changes in technology and media over the past few years, but are only now beginning to see the impact on retail, distribution and manufacturing that will continue in the coming decade”

Social Media in Action is presented by Tweet House. The Tweet House will be at CES in full force in January 2011,  hosting “It Won’t Stay in Vegas” Tweet-up party at the Tweet House, on January 7th, at the Atomic Testing Museum.

During the day on January 7th, from 9am to 1pm, the official Social Media track for CES 2011 takes place in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Registered attendees of CES Vegas can purchase tickets to the Tweet House conference sessions here.

Speaker for Social Media In Action: Philosophies, Strategies and Tactics That Consistently Win session are Jessica Berlin, Warren Whitlock and Christopher Rauschnot

Social Media is More Than New Media

The technologies we refer to as “social media” are more that a new channel to advertise and marketing through.

This revolution is bringing a new way of doing business.

Altimeter has released a survey of top retailer with data and perspective about where this is going and how social media (or might we say social business) is changing the game.