A Virtual Handshake with Scott Allen

Scott-pic-in-suit-224x300Scott Allen is coauthor of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online and The Emergence of The Relationship Economy. He’s also a contributor to over a dozen books on social media, marketing and entrepreneurship. He is currently a resident expert/columnist at Business.com and American Express OPEN Forum and an occasional/past contributor to yeah and numerous other sites, including About.com where he was the Entrepreneurs Guide.

A 20-year veteran technology entrepreneur, executive and consultant, and the Director of Client Solutions for Momentum Factor, Scott leads the implementation of the company’s social media and reputation protection programs. As an experienced virtual and live presenter, his clients and event partners have included Microsoft, Electronic Retailing Association, Blog World and New Media Expo, Business Development Institute, Human Capital Institute, ERE Media, Execunet, American Marketing Association, OneCoach, LinkedIn and others.

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Virtual Handshake


Business and Marketing with Bob Debbas

debbasBob Debbas is a Professor of Marketing and E-Marketing, the author of Offline Online Marketing, a serial entrepreneur and the CEO of several online companies including WeAreLogos.com and MyGraphicStudio.com. He regularly interviews business experts and entrepreneurs on WeeklyInterview.com. He is also a human rights activist and blogger.

Two thirds of all businesses worldwide are wasting their marketing money because they don’t know how to identify, communicate, follow up and build long term relationships with the customers they are trying to reach. Businesses of all types and sizes will benefit by learning:

  • How to quickly restructure their marketing strategies to stop hemorrhaging valuable prospects (assets)
  • Why most companies can’t accurately measure their marketing efforts, and how can they make their marketing dollars more efficient
  • What the current trends and changes are in the marketplace and how companies should adapt to these changes in order to seize these opportunities
  • How businesses can effectively apply tips about branding, SEO, direct marketing, mobile use and tradeshow attendance to increase their ROI


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Tracking Technology with David Gosse

david-gosseDavid Gosse is a serial entrepreneur that specializes in technology. He is the founder of Namechk.com, the Founder & CEO of Tracky Inc., and he owns two patents for internet search algorithms and has a third patent pending.

Since childhood he has believed that technology promises a better future, and getting things done should be easier. His passion is to help improve the way we can all socially collaborate and thus simplify our lives. Most of his career has involved the search engine industry, and he’s learned how the internet works. He has raised millions in startup capital, built and sold businesses and assembled stellar teams. He has also failed numerous times when launching what he thought was the next big thing.

What he has learned from it all is that we are social, and most of the fun, passion, deals and partnerships happen because of relationships. With his latest endeavor, Tracky, he’s trying to help us all socialize for reasons more than entertainment in the hope that everyone improves their quality of life together.

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Design Your Success Blueprint with Richard Krawczyk

Richard-M-KrawczykKnown as “Mr. Blueprint,” Richard Krawczyk is a best-selling author, human potential expert, motivational keynote speaker, business strategist, and most important of all, a father. His credentials include a lifetime of entrepreneurial success. He is a leading authority in the areas of achievement, motivation and peak performance.

He firmly believes that if you live your life with passion, you will create life-long success. Richard’s powerful message of knowledge, opportunity and action make him a worldwide crowd favorite. He created the Ultimate Success Blueprint featuring the ELATE System, and authored the #1 best-selling book Financial Aerobics.

While others focus on money, Richard reminds us that there is more to success than just money. You can become successful in all areas of your life: emotionally, spiritually, financially and in health. Based on these principles, he founded Success Now International – a leading personal and business development training company.

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How to Compete in the Age of Context with @scobleizer

btr1Robert Scoble, known in social media as @Scobleizer, is a blogger, tech enthusiast, media innovator and start-up fanatic. He used to work for Fast Company as a video blogger and is now the Startup Liason Officer at Rackspace Hosting, builder of online community Building 43, and an avid pioneer user of Google Glass.

Building43 was designed to bring together thought leaders in a variety of disciplines and organizations, from entrepreneurs to those responsible for the latest technologies. They share knowledge, experiences and advice on how you can use cool new tools and apps.



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Writing and Publishing Today with Alan Bechtold

311662_153671101394080_1052334808_nAlan R. Bechtold has been writing and publishing since the age of eight, and is the best-selling author of “Will Work for Fun: 3 Simple Steps for Turning Any Hobby or Interest Into Cash”. He has also self-published countless books, reports and courses, mostly focusing on publishing for profit and utilizing what you publish as marketing to grow business revenues. An accomplished professional speaker, Alan has also been both host and guest on hundreds of radio shows, podcasts, teleseminars and Webinars. He started publishing profitably online before there was a World Wide Web, syndicating articles and news to operators of the local dial-up computer bulletin board operators.

As Founding Member and managing editor at LifePath Books, Alan helps busy executives and professionals who would most benefit from publishing a book get the job done, beginning to end. He’s also the CEO of Inkubator Media, publishers of high quality new media featuring a broad variety of the rising stars publishing today. Inkubator provides a unique approach combining self-publishing and “traditional” publishing, which allows authors to work directly with a publisher and editor to create your own self-published works, and receive mastermind training. Submitting them for publication by Inkubator Media includes full assistance polishing and unlimited opportunities to re-submit work. Once accepted and published, authors earn 70% of all proceeds.

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Establishing an Online Reputation with Ross Goldberg

btrRoss Goldberg is a best selling author who has released dozens of training programs, and helped thousands of internet entrepreneurs get more leads from the web. A former gang leader and disabled army veteran who has had two near-death experiences, he turned his life around when he discovered that he could make money online. He started by selling on eBay, but decided after his first year online that he would be better suited to helping others succeed. He now focuses on creating info products and software to help people build their own businesses.

Ross can attest that reputation is everything, and that honor and integrity makes a big difference in achieving success. Establishing an online reputation includes SEO, which Ross is a master at. These days it also includes social media, blogging, and other ways that we present ourselves online. And if false rumors or accusations appear, we need to know how to deal with it effectively. But reputation is both seen and unseen. Creating a fake persona no longer flies… it’s about being congruent, genuine and transparent with and about ourselves, and accepting the karma that comes with our choices.

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What Is Your Visual Web Presence? [infographic]

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. If that’s so, one photo is longer in words than most blog post. Do you have a visual web presence?

The following infographic depicts just how visual the weather has become. With faster computers, higher bandwidth, and more and more to see every day, it’s a good time to think about your visual web presence.

What’s is your Visual Web Presence?

Discussing Visual Web Presence

I purposely left most of the discussion that I’d normally put in text out of this info graphic based post.

Did I go too far?

Maybe. I think there’s still plenty of room for discussion. Some of that of course can happen and audio, and a lot of it is much more convenient to happen in text.

Add your comments below let’s have a good old-fashioned text discussion/chat?

Improve Your Customer Experience with Kristy Bolsinger

Kristy BolsingerKristy Bolsinger is a marketer who is passionate about helping businesses focus on and improve the customer experience. Social media is not the end, rather the means. Search optimization is not the goal, it is a channel to leverage. Customer service is not an after thought, it is the red thread through the story. Every customer touch point is an opportunity to deepen the relationship between the customer and the brand. Customer experience design is the tool that allows us to better engage with our customers and integrate their voice and desires into our business model.

Kristy currently works at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) with enterprise organizations helping them to better engage with their customers and improve the bottom line. She joined PwC as part of the acquisition of Ant’s Eye View, a boutique  social business startup she joined in 2010. Prior to Ant’s Eye View she was the social strategist for the Casual Games group (GameHouse, RealArcade) within RealNetworks. She has an MBA from Atkinson Graduate School of Management at Willamette University.

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The @LadyGaga Performance is Best Understood by Her Most Loyal Social Media Fans


I’m reading “Monster Fans” by Jackie Huba and learning about the blue balls that @LadyGaga used on TV and how it’s part of her social media success:

“What the heck are these blue balls in Lady Gaga’s MTV Music Video Awards performance Sunday night?”

That’s the question I got emailed this week from a friend of mine. Since I wrote a book about how Lady Gaga built her loyal fan base, he thought I would know. Well, this confusion from my friend is a classic Gaga technique for building loyalty and is one of the lessons in my book.

The idea here is to create and use symbols that only your community of loyalists will understand.

In history, studies of cultures and societies often show an emergence of shared symbols. We can all visualize many symbols we share with others as members of a given group, city, or country. These shared symbols are tangible vehicles through which some meaning is expressed. The symbols could be gestural, pictorial, object-oriented, linguistic, or some combination of these. Through the repeated process of rituals, symbols are given significance in the group. Shared symbols also have the ability to be exclusionary. Those who can recognize and understand the meaning of these symbols feel part of the group, like they be long, while outsiders will not understand the meaning and turn away, sometimes mocking the symbols. Gaga and the Little Monsters use many symbols to communicate with each other, with the most well known one being the “monster paw.” By using these symbols that only her loyal fans understand, she is speaking to them in a special language. Fans feel a strong bond to the community, and to Gaga, because they feel part of a special club of people who understand what the symbolism represents, while outsiders do not.

This is exactly what Gaga was doing with the VMA performance of her new single, “Applause,” from her upcoming album ARTPOP. The concept of the album is that Gaga wants to bringing art back into pop culture. The 4:51 minute performance was chock full of costume changes (three in all), blue metallic balls and face painting.

You may not have understood all the imagery or references, but Gaga doesn’t care. She want to create an entertaing performance for everyone but she includes these special symbols that she knows only her diehard fans will understand. Here’s what most Little Monsters recognized

Special metallic blue balls the size of cantaloupes are carried by dancers at one point in the performance and even Gaga grabs one  and throws it across the stage. The balls are a reference to pop artist Jeff Koons “Gazing Balls” exhibition from earlier this year. Gaga is a big fan of the artist and he is mentioned in the lyrics to “Applause.”