John Lynn Proves Blogging is a Business

JohnLynn - smallJohn Lynn, @techguy on Twitter, is an avid blogger and online entrepreneur who runs 25 highly trafficked blogs across 3 niches: Healthcare IT, Reality TV, and Vegas Startup companies.

He has a broad range of IT skills and the ability to bridge the gap between technical and non-technical groups due to his strong experience in healthcare IT (specifically electronic medical record), social media, and SEO. He recently acquired a Healthcare IT Career company to compliment the existing Healthcare IT blogs.

He has a range of skills in marketing, blogging and SEO along with a strong ability to create compelling content quickly. He teaches others how to do what he does at Slow and Steady Blogging.

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Why You Can’t Ignore Big Data with Phil Simon

b209c674888d0ad8986c30.L._V370546418_SY470_Phil Simon is a sought-after speaker and recognized technology expert. He began working with emerging technologies in 1994 and now consults companies on how to optimize their use of technology. He’s the author of five books:

  • Too Big to Ignore: The Business Case for Big Data (John Wiley & Sons, 2013)
  • The Age of the Platform (Motion, 2011)
  • The New Small (Motion, 2010)
  • The Next Wave of Technologies (John Wiley & Sons, 2010)
  • Why New Systems Fail (Cengage, 2010)

Book number six is slated for early 2014 and will be called The Visual Organization: How Intelligent Companies Use Data Visualization To Make Better Decisions.

His contributions have been featured in and on Inc. Magazine, NBC, CNBC, The Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, the American Express Open Forum, Fast Company, Technorati,,, BusinessWeek, The New York Times, ReadWriteWeb, and many other sites. He holds degrees from Carnegie Mellon University and Cornell University.


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A Virtual Handshake with Scott Allen

Scott-pic-in-suit-224x300Scott Allen is coauthor of The Virtual Handshake: Opening Doors and Closing Deals Online and The Emergence of The Relationship Economy. He’s also a contributor to over a dozen books on social media, marketing and entrepreneurship. He is currently a resident expert/columnist at and American Express OPEN Forum and an occasional/past contributor to yeah and numerous other sites, including where he was the Entrepreneurs Guide.

A 20-year veteran technology entrepreneur, executive and consultant, and the Director of Client Solutions for Momentum Factor, Scott leads the implementation of the company’s social media and reputation protection programs. As an experienced virtual and live presenter, his clients and event partners have included Microsoft, Electronic Retailing Association, Blog World and New Media Expo, Business Development Institute, Human Capital Institute, ERE Media, Execunet, American Marketing Association, OneCoach, LinkedIn and others.

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Virtual Handshake


Tracking Technology with David Gosse

david-gosseDavid Gosse is a serial entrepreneur that specializes in technology. He is the founder of, the Founder & CEO of Tracky Inc., and he owns two patents for internet search algorithms and has a third patent pending.

Since childhood he has believed that technology promises a better future, and getting things done should be easier. His passion is to help improve the way we can all socially collaborate and thus simplify our lives. Most of his career has involved the search engine industry, and he’s learned how the internet works. He has raised millions in startup capital, built and sold businesses and assembled stellar teams. He has also failed numerous times when launching what he thought was the next big thing.

What he has learned from it all is that we are social, and most of the fun, passion, deals and partnerships happen because of relationships. With his latest endeavor, Tracky, he’s trying to help us all socialize for reasons more than entertainment in the hope that everyone improves their quality of life together.

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What You Need To Know About Cloud Computing

I’ve been talking with David Greschler and his team at Microsoft about their mission to bring virtualization and cloud computing to us all. Some of my friends on Twitter have asked what all the fuss is about, so I”ll explain here.

Computing “in the cloud” is using computer power that is outside your own machine. Essentially, you are doing this everytime you access a web site, view your email online or join a social network.

Virtualization is a breakthrough that allows companies to use just the computing power they need. This will lower costs, save energy and bring a lot more service to you where and when you need them.

If you have questions about cloud computing, virtualization or how to create a vision for your enterprise, just TWEET to my friend David Greschler (@DGreschler on Twitter) or post a comment here.
A new study shows that adoption of this technology is the next big thing in computing and will affect us all. You may not need to know HOW it work.. but do take a moment and watch this video for an overview.

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