Chris Brogan created a new media post about the future of media using video, text, and social media connections to get a story started and expanded with conversation.

From a tweet, I read the blog, decided to comment, hope to add some thoughts and continue that conversation.

Chris Brogan on the future of media

With the tools we currently call social media we can have micro conversations, two way exchanges and even media independent connections. I can see a person on Facebook, give them a shout on Twitter and pick up the phone if I miss them on a Skype chat. The meaning has gone beyond the channels used.

One sign that this is evolving is forgetting which medium we used. I bumped into a joint venture partner at an event last week, while there, we had a meal together and exchanged several SMS messages. I checked in using Foursquare and told a mutual friend about it on Facebook. When I later sat down to email him, I had to think of which medium we talk on (it was LinkedIn last week Smile)

Sounds like a bit of hassle. It can be frustrating, but profitable.

Using the connections and tools our partners, prospects and customers prefer get the best response. In the future, we’ll have better tools to sort it out. However, I think the real breakthrough has occurred. We can do it now.

Reply with your comments here. Or tweet me that you comment on the Facebook version of Chris’s post. Make a Youtube response if you wish.

Regardless of the media or channel… get into the conversations. (maybe not this conversation about conversations.. but there are many that will be profitable).

People are talking. It’s here if you listen.

Listen and love (respond as you would to a friend).. it’s as simple as that.