What Makes a Good Leader?

I love to see authors, bloggers and experts using sites like Linkedin to engage in discussions about their topics of expertise.

I notice this one standing out.. and reemphasizing my position that listening and engagement are the future of business

Click the “see results” link to see the graphic display.. while you are there, look at the other polls and questions on LinkedIn and it’s groups.

Many opportunities for profitable use of social media there.

One thought on “What Makes a Good Leader?”

  1. I think that the most important leadership skill is the ability to communicate in good conditions with others… if not, it’s quite hard to lead by example and to have a great working environment.
    Being a person who wants to know more about this subject, I’ve also followed some Leadership training in Toronto classes, because I think that it was necessary… so it was, I’ve found out lots of interesting things about this subject.

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