Social media is a term we like to use today to talk about the revolution in the way we run our businesses and our lives. I can’t say when the fad of calling it social media will end, but I can tell you that the principles and profitable strategies we talk about in Profitable Social Media are not going to change.

imageI know this, because they were around before anything called social media or the Internet.

Lately I’ve been researching the game called EmpireAvenue wherein a stock market simulation allows you to buy and sell the stock of people and web sites. (I’ll have more on this soon). While there, I met Erich Shanholtzer and we became friends on Facebook.

Rather than just collect friends to send notices to, I’ve learned that a profitable relationship begins with getting to know people. So I quickly scrolled down his wall. There I noticed this video:

Serendipity comes from as little as a note of music

I realized I had not heard any Billy Preston for quite some time and while I was anxious to move on to my next chore, I figured I could spare a minute to hear some music

So glad I did.

As soon as I heard a few bars from the song, I remembered the feeling of listening to the keyboard work of Billy Preston and was inspired to LIKE the video, add share it with my Facebook friends. While I was at it, I clicked to share the video link with Twitter followers where I started three conversation with people I hadn’t talked to in a while.

Moved by the words:

“Nothing from nothing leaves nothing. You gotta have something, if you want to be with me”

I started thinking how “something” can be as little as sharing a song.

I went further to listen to some other Billy Preston songs on YouTube, and contemplated how I could use them in this blog post…

But That’s Not The Real Story

I’ve been putting off several creative projects for a variety of reasons (excuses) and one of the items that fell through the cracks was blog posts. Well, since I got to jumping with the beat of Billy Preston, I’ve finished three of those projects and created two other blog posts.

I knew I would get “something” from listening to Billy Preston within a few seconds. I can thank Eric for taking the few seconds needed to share this video and will remember him for the gift he gave me.

I don’t know if I’ll ever do business with Eric. I can’t tell you how well I’ll do for the projects I’ve moved forward because of this change or if I’ll touch anyone with this blog post.

And that’s OK.

Every great idea, new business revenue, sale, relationship or adventure starts with the inception of an idea. Today, it’s easier than ever to touch others and be the inspiration they are looking for. If one moment in 100 like this brings results, you’ll have a very good ROI (return on investment).

You can focus on the areas where you feel the best chance for profit and likely will find things that work better than Billy Preston. You may never know where the inception of serendipity comes from  but I can promise you it won’t happen unless you are willing to try things that aren’t guaranteed to work right away.

How You Can Profit Today

Think about the people you work with. Your prospects, suppliers, co-workers and clients. What can you do today that will help them?

It can be as simple as an uplifting phrase shared, a smile as you pass by or a thank you… or it can be anything that will help them get what they want.

You know people want more than whatever you are selling. So here’s the trick. The less you think about helping them buy your product, the more likely they’ll be to feel favorable when it comes time to do something for you. Cialdini called it the Law of Reciprocity. I say it’s just the golden rule.

Do unto other as you would have them do unto you

Sure, you have to make a living and close the deal. Just remember that other people have needs that aren’t fulfilled from buying from you. Help them in little ways to get whatever they want, and you’ll always get more of what you want.