Twitter is undoubtedly part of the social media giants that can bring the success of any company, no matter how big or small in size. Twitter relies on such a simplistic mechanism, yet it is so powerful that it can move mountains. The degree of social media involvement that Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook trigger 24/7 is remarkable. Folks are not solely sharing celebrity gossip pages or links with funny cat videos. Understood the power of sharing and lost objects, pets, or even persons are now hot Twitter topics. Tweeting about anything and anyone, following the latest news and ideas and choosing from a sea of millions of alternatives is what makes Twitter so special. The fact that companies can make full use of Twitter to better market their products/services/brand adds more value to the platform. Below you will find a series of useful ideas on how to make your business more visible, more followed, and, ultimately, more successful.


Understand What Twitter Is All About


I have debated the topic of Twitter and its uses a great number of times so far. But the ever-changing social media environment is forcing me to constantly add new elements to the general definition of Twitter. Namely, add brand new benefits for using Twitter a certain way. The

very basic things you will need to remember in relation to properly using Twitter are to get actively involved in conversations and retweet, post relevant information only, don’t tweet every 5 minutes or so, avoid spamming and do follow others. Direct company promotion is to be avoided also. Use guides or video tutorials related to the products or services you are trying to sell and tweet about the respective guide or video tutorial. Don’t forget to import all of your Hotmail, Gmail, and address book contacts – the more, the merrier.


Complete Your Twitter Profile


Make sure you also fill in the optional fields for a complete profile, besides the mandatory fields, and do not forget about mentioning the URL of your website or blog. If you have used the proper branding strategies for your company – name, logo etc – it is time to customize your Twitter account with it.


Create A Strong Followers’ Database


Once your profile is completed, you must work on building a large database of followers. Use the special add-ons all website builders and blog building tools are now offering for free and add the “Follow me on Twitter” button. Use the link as part of your online signature, on your business card, when involved in forum discussions, or as an important element of your website. Use your company’s blog to post new things and encourage readers to follow you on Twitter. Use specialized Twitter directories to find more followers and follow your friends’ followers, so they can follow you. Make full use of the keyword-based search features so that you can come across folks you might be interested in following.


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