Most have attained their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.” -Napoleon Hill

Imagine bringing the wisdom and lessons of Think and Grow Rich to a new generation, adapting it so that today’s population, growing up in a different world, can learn about this in a inspiring way… social, mobile, and viral!

declandunnOur guest is Declan Dunn, pioneer in internet marketing and new media, an expert on customer relations, conversions, retention and ROI.

  • How TAGR planned and pre launched the Facebook page, while building the web site and mobile app;
  • How to target influencers engaging, spreading the word and to creating a better product;
  • Why new media – doing several short movies, with interactive participation of the audience, and a mobile app – are critical parts of moving the story beyond just words in the book, and into action.

Plus the power of crowd funding and IndieGoGo to build an audience.



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