Thomas Mangum

For well over a decade, Thomas Mangum has been quietly making connections that have yielded millions for individuals and organizations looking to create a greater impact with their products, services and causes. That means strategic partnerships, clients and ultimately making an impact in lives. As an accomplished radio talk show host, interviewer, voiceover artist and communication skills evangelist, Thomas has worked and played with scores of leaders from around the world that are making an impact through intimate connection.

His motto is “Skip the small talk and move directly to the Large Talk”, which is where the conversation really starts. The reality is most people completely screw up professional networking and wonder why it never feels right but they go through the motions of what they think they “have to” do anyway. That leads to even more resentment of the process. Through Learn To Connect NOW! and Becoming a Masterful Networker, Thomas is finally showing others exactly what he’s doing to cultivate connection, being noticed in a sea of noise and most importantly be remembered without compromising what he values most… intimate connection.

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